79. Instructions

Part 2 of the 'Instructions' series. (Previously.)

YOU WILL REMAIN IN your hotel room for the next two days without setting so much as a foot outside. Order what you like from room service - food, cigars, whiskey, new clothes, books - you name it. You just can't step outside. Your life depends on it. At midday on Wednesday you will order a burrito from room service. When the waiter brings it to you, you will find under your plate your expenses money. You will also be provided new travel documents. You will take a cab to the airport and check into flight 4210 to New York. You will be tailed from a distance by a balding man in a white polo shirt. He will not attempt to intercept you before you arrive in New York. You must let him follow you. Indeed, at first you must not even appear to be aware of him, but at some point you must appear to become aware of him, and you must appear to want to give him the slip - just don't. This is of the utmost importance. At JFK airport, you will collect an Impala reserved under the name on your passport from the Hertz counter, making sure he sees you do this. You will proceed to drive - again, at speed as if hoping to get him off your tail, but letting him keep up - to a hotel in Queens called the Astoria, where room 217 is booked under the name Alan Furness. The success of this assignment rests on your ability to convince a man that you do not wish to be followed when in reality this it precisely what you want. You will take the lift to your room and watch the Playboy channel until 2am. You will then appear to have a shower and retire to bed. But instead of getting into bed you will climb out into the fire escape, at which point you will have three, maybe four minutes to make your way to the street where a cab will be waiting for you. The driver will introduce himself to you as Blind Willie McTell. He will take your travel documents and give you new ones. He will take you to Newark airport, where you will check into flight 2332 to Schiphol airport, where, once you've arrived, you will check into the Marriott under the name on your passport and await further instructions.