62. Instructions

IT SHOULD BE BEFORE dawn - no more than a hint of daylight in the sky. At the end of the road, one of those roads that seem to lead nowhere, even if there is no such thing as nowhere, after all everywhere is somewhere, especially here in Texas, you'll see a copse of stunted trees and a fence. The gate will be padlocked but the key we have provided will open it. Once you have entered the compound, which is not visible from the gate, you will see two roads: the well-worn road on the right leads to the front of the compound, the pot-holed road on your left which seems to lead in the opposite direction leads to the back of the compound. You will take the back entrance. The road to the left rises over a small bare hill and then swings around. From the gate it’s about three, three and a half miles. By the time you see the compound, you’ll be on a low plateau looking over it. The compound is comprised of several huts made of cinder blocks and tin and plastic huddled one more substantial brick building in the middle. This is the assembly hall, and this is where they will all be at this time of day. They’ll be praying and singing and so on. You may even hear music. Enter the assembly hall from the rear through an unmarked door on the eastern side. It will be unlocked. The door shuts with a bang, so make sure you close it quietly. Go through the kitchen, which should be empty because they all pray together, but just in case be on the lookout with your knife drawn. You should prepare your weaponry in the kitchen – check your guns, grenades, ammunition and so on. Then proceed through the kitchen and along a narrow corridor until you reach a door with a ‘Quiet please: prayers in progress’ sign. They are all on the other side of that door. Twenty-seven altogether: seven men, nine women and eleven children. The three groups are segregated: children at the front, women in the middle and the men at the rear and on the sides. Go for the men first as they are your most immediate threat. The matriarch will be on the stage. You will recognise her from the photograph we have provided. This is critical: You will scalp her and bring us her scalp in the plastic bag we have provided, sealing it and ensuring there is no leakage. Once you have finished, you will return to the depot in Odessa where you picked up the Cherokee, where you will find an Impala with a key in the ignition and the other half of your fee in unmarked twenty dollar bills I'm the glove compartment. You will leave the Cherokee parked in the depot with the scalp in the glove compartment. You will then proceed to drive to Monterrey in Mexico, arriving in the mid to late afternoon. Room 2114 is booked under the name Paco Soledad at the airport Holiday Inn. You will not be asked for identification. Once you have checked in you will wait in your room for further instructions.